30 Kin Sore wa 30-sai Miman Okotowari no Koi

30 Kin Sore wa 30-sai Miman Okotowari no Koi

30禁 それは30歳未満お断りの恋。 , 30禁 , 30 Ban ~It's a love that is refused when under 30 years old~

Now showing: Episode 6 RAW

Country: Japan

Actors: Matsui RenaMoriya KannaOkayama HajimeOta RinaSuzuki Jin

Genres: Japan Drama, Romance

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Movie plot

At 30 years old, Moriyama Shino has a fulfilling job but no love life. She wants to date and get married to someone the same age as her. However, one day, she gets confessed to by Sato Mayuki, a man 9 years younger than her. Surprised but impressed by his straightforward confession, she agrees to date him until she finds a marriage partner.

~~ Based on manga of the same name.

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