Alice In Earnestland (Seongsilhan nalaui Aelliseu)

Alice In Earnestland (Seongsilhan nalaui Aelliseu)

성실한 나라의 앨리스

87 min

Country: South Korea

Director: Gooc-jin Ahn

Actors: Hae-yeong LeeJoon-Hyuk LeeJung-hyun LeeYoung-hwa Seo

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Life, Thriller

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Movie plot

Soo-Nam can mimic anything with her hands if she sees it only once. She works hard everyday to pay off her husband's hospital bills, but it is never enough. One day, Soo-Nam's house is designated as part of a redevelopment area. She can make a lot of money from selling her house, but some residents protest against the redevelopment area. Soo-Nam becomes fed up with them and begins to use her dexterity against the other residents.

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