Babysitter Gin (2019) (Babysitter Gin!)

Babysitter Gin (2019) (Babysitter Gin!)


49 min

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Country: Japan

Director: Hitoshi Iwamoto

Actors: Chad Mullane…Hitomi TakahashiKôsei AmanoMachiko KochiMion IketaniRaita RyûRin FurukawaTakurô ÔnoToshimasa KomatsuYuriyan Retoriibaa

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Japan Drama, Life, Music

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Movie plot

Babysitter Gin Shimochiai's wish is to deliver love to children and parents! Gin, a man dressed as an English maiden inspired by her childhood nanny and the story of Mary Poppins, established a babysitting agency solving the problems of parents from different families in his own way. (Source: Written by MyDramaList)

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