Beautiful Gong Shim (Minyeo Gongsimi)

Beautiful Gong Shim (Minyeo Gongsimi)

미녀 공심이 , 야수의 미녀 , Yasooui Minyeo , Minyeo Gongsimi , Geudaewa Chumeul , The Beauty of the Beast , Beast’s Beauty , Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim , So I'm Not Handsome , Pretty Ugly

70 min

Now showing: Episode 20 SUB END

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Country: South Korea

Actors: Hyeon WooHyo-Rim SeoJoo-Wan OnMin NamkoongMin-ah Bang…

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Korean Drama, Romance

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Movie plot

This drama is about the Love story of two sisters and two men. The talented older sister has everything, including a beautiful appearance, and her younger sister, who is less attractive but still has a warm heart. And two men appear in front of the siblings: a progressively more attractive man, who moved into a humble rental room on the rooftop of their building and another man who is handsome and wealthy from a plutocrat family. The romance-comedy drama depicts an eventful and unpredictable love story by the four people from such a warmhearted point of view.

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