Chief of Staff 2

Chief of Staff 2

보좌관 2 - 세상을 움직이는 사람들 , Bojwagwan , Aide 2 , Advisor 2 , The President's Aide Season 2 , Assistant 2 , Bojwagwan 2: Sesangeul Woomjikineun Saramdeul , 고문 2 , 보좌관 2 , Aide 2: People Make The World Go Round , 보좌관 시즌2

75 min

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Country: South Korea

Genres: Drama, Korean Drama, Political

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Movie plot

The second season of Chief of Staff. The real political players behind the spotlight take a dangerous gamble. Super Adviser Jang Tae Joon heads towards the peak of power and fiercely struggles for survival. Jang Tae Joon worked as the chief aide to Lawmaker Lawmaker Song Hee Sub. He now returns as a lawmaker and achieves the height of his power.

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