Cinderella is Online

Cinderella is Online

シンデレラはオンライン中 , Shinderera Wa Onrainchu

Now showing: Episode 2 RAW

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Country: Japan

Actors: Kawamura UminoKawase RikoNakamura RihoSeto ToshikiTsuihiji Anna

Genres: Drama, Japan Drama, Romance

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Movie plot

College student Arisawa Ichika is indifferent to romance and crazy about the online game 'Tenkyo'. Her avatar Vivi is in a virtual relationship with top player Leon. Upon meeting Leon in person, he turns out to be the campus prince, Onoda Asahi. He’s popular, athletic, and even owns a gaming company. Attracted to each other, they start dating. Trouble looms when a co-worker and the campus Belle enter the picture. Arisawa even becomes the target of slander, courtesy of those who are jealous of her.

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