Click Your Heart (2016)

Click Your Heart (2016)

클릭유어하트 , Keullik Yueo Hateu

Now showing: Episode 7 End

Country: South Korea

Director: Doo-sik Min

Actors: Da-won LeeHae-Jeong Yoo…Hwi-Yeol KimHwi-Yeong KimJae-yoon LeeMin-ah KwonRo-Woon KimTae-Yang YooTu-in TakYeong-bin Kim

Genres: Comedy, Romance, School, Youth

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Movie plot

Produced by FNC Entertainment, “Click Your Heart” is a high school romance drama for the teen audience. Mina will play the female lead, a lovable high school student, who starts receiving attention from four different yet equally charming male students, played by members of FNC Entertainment’s training system/pre-debut dance group NEOZ SCHOOL. The members are called Rowoon, Dawon, Chanhee, and Juho. Always under the spotlight, Rowoon will play the school’s own baseball star while Dawon is set to portray a diligent top student. Jooho’s character appears cold and rough but gives you his everything once you earn his trust. Chanhee, who launched his acting career via tvN’s “Signal,” will play a mysterious boy who stops smiling only when focusing on his passion — dancing.

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