Crash Landing on You Trailer

Crash Landing on You

Crash Landing on You

70 min

Now showing: Ep 16

Country: South Korea

Actors: Dae-Hoon ChoiHyun BinJi-hye SeoJung-hyun KimKyung-Won YangLee Sin-YoungSu-Bin YooTang Joon-SangWoo-seul-hye Hwang…Ye-jin Son

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Korean Drama, Political, Romance

4.23/ 5 71 votes

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Movie plot

Tells the story of two star crossed lovers, a South Korean heiress and a North Korean elite who also happens to be an army officer. One day, while paragliding, Yoon Se Ri has an accident caused by strong winds, leading her to crash land in North Korea, where she meets Ri Jung Hyuk, a North Korean army officer, who agrees to help her return to South Korea. Over time, they fall in love, despite the divide and dispute between their respective countries.

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