Diva (2020)

Diva (2020)

디바 , Diba

1 hr. 24 min.

Country: South Korea

Actors: Ji Yi SooLee Kyu HyungLee Yoo YoungOh Ha NeeShin Min AhYoon Jung Hoon

Genres: Drama, Korean Movie, Mystery, Thriller

0.55/ 5 1 votes
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Movie plot

Skill, beauty, personality, 'Diving Diva' Lee Yeong has it all. Not being able to be with her best friend Soo Jin is the only thing that gets in her way. Just so she can help Soo Jin out, she changes her event to synchronizing swimming. While pouring everything to Olympics selection practice, Soo Jin and Lee Yeong are involved in a freak accident. Soo Jin disappears without a trace, while Lee Yeong survives but loses her memory. The memory slowly comes back to her but remembers strange side of Soo Jin. Her iron will begins to shake on the diving board.

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