Feel Good To Die (Jookeodo Joa)

Feel Good To Die (Jookeodo Joa)

Jookeodo Joa , Love Over Death , Happy If You Died , 就算死也喜歡

35 min

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Country: South Korea

Director: Lee Eun Jin

Actors: Byung-joon LeeGyo-jin InHan-chul JoJi-Hwan KangJin-hee BaekJung-Yeon SeoMin-jae KimMyeong GongRyoo Hyoun KyoungSol-mi Park

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Friendship, Korean Drama, Romance

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Movie plot

Baek Jin Sang is Lee Roo Da’s boss and he works as a team leader of a company. The team members, including Lee Roo Da, do not like him at all. He is mean and arrogant to the employees. He always believes he is right. On the night of November 7th, Lee Roo Da has a dream of her boss being hit by a truck. The next morning she wakes up and finds that it is still November 7th.

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