Hikikomori Sensei (2021)

Hikikomori Sensei (2021)

ひきこもり先生 , Shut in Teacher , Socially Withdrawn Teacher , Hikikomori Teacher

Now showing: Episode 4 SUB

Country: Japan

Actors: Sato Jiro

Genres: Drama, Japan Drama, Life, School

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Movie plot

Ueshima Yohei is a so-called “hikikomori survivor” who was withdrawn from the world for 11 years. After he finally escaped from his room 3 years ago, he opened a yakitori restaurant with the help of locals but is still reintegrating into society. He is asked to be a part-time lecturer at a junior high school. The principal, Sakaki Tetsuzo, wants someone with a history of withdrawal to help truant students. With the support of those around him, he finally decides to start teaching…

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