Hip Hop Teacher (2017) (Hip-han Seon-saeng)

Hip Hop Teacher (2017) (Hip-han Seon-saeng)

Hip-han Seon-saeng

15 min

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Country: South Korea

Director: Na-Yeon Shim

Actors: Han ByulJoo-Young LeeMin-soo ParkWoo-yeon AhnYuraZizo

Genres: Comedy, Korean Movie, Life, Music, School

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Movie plot

Bored elementary school teachers decide to have some fun! 30 years until retirement. I can’t spend another 30 years like this. Though blessed with a stable job, these elementary school teachers are bored of their lives and decide to bring some positive changes. A music teacher who used to be an enthusiastic hip-hop artist and a temporarily employed English teacher who values spontaneity team up and start a hip-hop class. Two grown-ups who have never realized their true dreams are now supposed to teach children what it’s like to be really ‘cool.’ Are you ready to make your life hip enough? (Source: JTBC)

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