Hospital Ship (2017) (Byeong-won-seon)

Hospital Ship (2017) (Byeong-won-seon)


35 min

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Country: South Korea

Director: Park Jae Bum

Actors: Han-wi Lee…Hwa-yeon ChaIn-gi JeongIn-sik KimJi-won HaKwang-gyu KimKyung Soon JungMina KwonSeo-won JangWon-joong Jung

Genres: Drama, Korean Drama, Medical, Romance

4.43/ 5 2 votes

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Movie plot

Army doctors board a hospital ship, which is a floating hospital that serves people who live on remote islands. But were these doctors interested in helping underprivileged people for free? Not at all. There is the non-army doctor Eun Jae, a cold perfectionist surgeon whose fast-track career was derailed. Kwak Hyun who practices internal medicine is the first army doctor to volunteer for duty on the hospital ship. Then there is the irritating Jae Geol, an oriental medicine doctor who drew the short straw and now has to serve on the hospital ship. A bunch of doctors with different backgrounds finds themselves afloat at sea. They are too old to be called youthful doctors as they are all in their thirties. Though they have skills obtained through long years of studying in medical school, their hearts and souls are barren. This is a coming-of-age story about doctors who have experienced setbacks in life that they are trying to bounce back from while they learn how to be a compassionate doctor and pursue fulfilling lives. (Source: MBC America)

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