Kioku Sousa: Shinjuku Higashi-sho Jiken File

Kioku Sousa: Shinjuku Higashi-sho Jiken File

Kioku Sousa ~Shinjuku Higashi-sho Jiken Fairu~, 記憶捜査~新宿東署事件ファイル~

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Country: Japan

Director: Renpei TsukamotoTekeshi Shirakawa

Genres: Drama, Japan Drama

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Movie plot

Ichiro Onizuka’s (Kinya Kitaoji) retirement as a detective was just around the corner. While working on his final case before his retirement, Ichiro Onizuka was stabbed and he lost the use of his legs. Ichiro Onizuka has used a wheelchair since the stabbing. 1 year later, Ichiro Onizuka is assigned to work at the Shinjuku Higashi Police Station. The police station is always inundated with cases and this causes many cases to be left untouched. Ichiro Onizuka investigates these untouched cases. Although Ichiro Onizuka is unable to walk, he remembers the city from the Showa and Heisei eras and he visualizes the crime scene with his mind. Detective Keitaro Jin (Shunsuke Kazama) and Saki Toyama (Mone Kamishiraishi), who aspires to become a detective, help Ichiro Onizuka with the investigations.

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