Manhole (2017) (Maen-hol)

Manhole (2017) (Maen-hol)


60 min

Now showing: 16

Country: South Korea

Director: Park Man YoungYoo Young Eun

Actors: BaroHye-ok KimHye-Seong JungHyun-chul SeoJae-Joong KimJin-mo JooMi-kwan JangYeon-kyeong LeeYu-jin Kim

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Korean Drama, Romance, Youth

3.65/ 5 1 votes

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Movie plot

Tells the story of Bong Pil, an unemployed man who mooches off his parents while pretending to study for the civil service exam. Bong Pil time travels into the past through a manhole in an effort to stop the wedding of his lifelong crush, Soo Jin, set to happen one week into the future.

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