Miyako ga Kyoto ni Yattekita!

Miyako ga Kyoto ni Yattekita!

ミヤコが京都にやって来た! , Miyako Has Arrived in Kyoto! , ミヤコがきょうとにやってきた!

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Country: Japan

Actors: Fujino RyokoIchikawa Ennosuke IVMatsumoto WakanaSasaki KuranosukeYuki Kousei

Genres: Drama, Japan Drama

4.27/ 5 2 votes

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Movie plot

Kakinoki Kukichi is a doctor who runs a small clinic in Kyoto. He specializes in making house calls and even helps his patients with shopping and taking care of their bonsais. One day, his only daughter, Miyako, who he hasn’t been in contact with since his divorce 12 years ago, shows up at the clinic. The last time he saw her was when she was 8 years old, but now is 20 and has turned into a lovely young woman. Miyako declares that she will stay in Kyoto for a while. Although the pair are uncomfortable meeting again after 12 years, they gradually begin to understand each other as they interact with the beautiful city and its caring people.

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