My Healing Love (Nae Sarang Chiyugi)

My Healing Love (Nae Sarang Chiyugi)

My Healing Love (Nae Sarang Chiyugi)

35 min

Now showing: Episode 40

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Country: South Korea

Actors: Ae-ri JungChang-wan KimDa-Hyun KangDo-Gyeom LeeHwang Young HeeHyo-jeong BanJin-hwa Shim…Joon-geum ParkSo-Ra KimYong-woo Kil

Genres: Drama, Family, Friendship, Korean Drama, Life, Romance

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Movie plot

The success story follows Im Chi Woo and Choi Jin Yoo as they pursue their own happiness. Im Chi Woo never wanted to become a good daughter, a good daughter-in-law or a good wife, but she sacrifices herself to take care of her family. She is married to immature Park Wan Seung and she works several part-time jobs to support her family. Under her difficult situation, she keeps smiling and maintaining her positive attitude. Choi Jin Yoo is a divorcee and he has a daughter. He works hard and tries to live positively for his daughter. He encounters a nightmare like a scenario.

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