Preview: True Beauty Ep 13 (Spoilers & Release Date)

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Preview: True Beauty Ep 13 (Spoilers & Release Date)

Preview: True Beauty Ep 13 (Spoilers & Release Date)

Ju-kyung has gotten herself into a miserable pickle. Will she be able to get herself out? Will her friends come to her aid? Or will Suho and Seo-joon be the only two by her side? Let’s try and figure it out in time for next week’s episode!

Our text preview and video preview for episode 13 are below! To understand our shorthand nomenclature then check out our character chart.


Episode 13 Release Date: Wednesday, January 27th, 2021

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Ju-kyung’s barefaced video is spread on the homepage so she runs out of the school because she is afraid that the same nightmare will happen again.

Ju-kyung’s family finds out that she was bullied before and had a hard time…

Suho is worried about her house and comes to her. He finds her hiding and warmly comforts her.

Will Ju-kyung get over her past pain?

Meanwhile, Seo-joon investigates who uploaded Ju-kyung’s barefaced video on the school homepage.


English Translation

JK – Kids know how I really look now. I can’t see [you/them] at school.

SJ – Why don’t you just rip it off, what are you doing?

SJ – Who else can do this but you?

Bully – Of course you have someone

Friend – You really didn’t know? You are Ju-kyung’s best friend

SH – However you look, with makeup on or not, you are still Im Ju-kyung

SJ – Run away as far as possible and just hide

Mom – Don’t worry, I will move you to a school where no one knows you

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