Preview: True Beauty Ep 15 (Spoilers & Release Date)

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Preview: True Beauty Ep 15 (Spoilers & Release Date)

We do in fact have a time jump (i know, I know!) coming in episode 15 which looks like it will be most of the episode and not just the last few seconds. At least, that is what it seems like from the preview. I know Seo-joon shippers will love that. My question is, when is Suho coming back?

Our text preview and video preview for episode 15 are below! To understand our shorthand nomenclature then check out our character chart.


Episode 15 Release Date: Wednesday, February 3rd, 2021

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Ju-kyung and Suho had to separate.

Ju-kyung realized after separating that the little kid she met in the comic shop was Suho. That makes her feelings even more hurt.

Time passes…

Ju-kyung becomes a college student and is an intern at Selena’s shop who she looked up to.

meanwhile, Seo-joon angrily confesses all his old buried feelings to Ju-kyung.

Ju-kyung is surprised and confused with Seo-joon’s unexpected confession. 

Ju-kyung sees Suho in a special place like it is fate…


English Translation

JK – It’s snowing here.

JK – I hope it is not snowy where you are and its warm

SH – Don’t wait for my phone call anymore. Sleep well.

CR – The confession you waited for for two years

JK – Just stop everything!

CR – An angry confession?

SJ – Have you had enough time to recognize my heart?

SH – I missed you

JK – I didn’t miss you


There is a time jump! It looks like the time jump will firmly put our high schoolers into college life. I think this time jump will be the second half of episode 15 and the first half will be the fallout of Suho leaving so suddenly. So we will get shots of him in the hospital as time passes and shots of Ju-kyung in Seoul. In this time Ju-kyung will realize that Suho is the little kid from the coffee shop which will make her feel even worse at her current situation.

It also looks like Suho is going to break up with Ju-kyung while he is in the hospital which will also make both feel miserable. But of course, Seo-joon will come to the rescue to make Ju-kyung happy and will stick around her in Seoul as well as the other high school kids from the high school.

I really like where the drama is taking this narrative because Ju-kyung is out as using makeup to make herself look her best which goes in line with her goal of being a makeup artist. She no longer has to wear makeup around her friends or think that she is hiding anything from it. In the webcomic, she is still hiding that she uses makeup to make herself look pretty which, honestly, gets tired to read. So I like how she is nice and out in the drama version and is moving on with her life!

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