No Side Game (2019) (Noosaido)

No Side Game (2019) (Noosaido)

No Saido Gemu

54 min

Now showing: Episode 10 SUB END

Country: Japan

Actors: Yô Ôizumi

Genres: Drama, Japan Drama, Sports

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Movie plot

Kimijima Hayato works for a big manufacturing company. He wants to be successful at his job and he is mentioned for a promotion, but he opposes the company undertaking a project led by his boss. This leads to Kimijima Hayato being demoted to a chief of general affairs position at a factory in the province. He is also ordered to work as the general manager of the company’s rugby team named Astros. The Astros were once a formidable team, but they have been losers in their recent past. Kimijima Hayato hopes to regain his standing at the company by rebuilding the Astros into a powerhouse, but he doesn’t have any knowledge about rugby. (Source: AsianWiki)

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