One Step (2017) (Won-seu-teb)

One Step (2017) (Won-seu-teb)


1 hr. 28 min.

Country: South Korea

Director: Jai-hong Juhn

Actors: Ah-reum HongDal-hwan JoDong-in JoHyun-gon HaJae-Suk HanSandara Park

Genres: Drama, Korean Movie, Music

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Movie plot

Shi Hyun, a part-time worker at a convenience store, lost all her memory after a car accident and now has synesthesia (the colored hearing syndrome in which she can see sounds in colors). With the help of an internet broadcasting producer, the girl embarks on a trip in order to find a melody that she only listened to in her dreams. As the song nears completion, Shi Hyun's fragmented memories return to her.

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