Operation Z

Operation Z

オペレーションZ ~日本破滅、待ったなし~ , Operation Z: Destruction of Japan, No Delay , Opereshon Z: Nihon Hametsu, Mattanashi

Now showing: Episode 3 RAW

Country: Japan

Actors: Kusakari MasaoMizobata Junpei

Genres: Business, Drama, Political

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Movie plot

The financial health of Japan has fallen into a crisis. The country has accumulated more than 1 quadrillion yen of debt. Prime Minister Takamori Ejima gathers 4 elite finance bureaucrats and tells them for the benefit of Japan’s future, they need to reduce the country’s annual expenditure in half. The 4 elite finance bureaucrats work under the name of Operation Z and tackles the almost impossible mission of reducing the nation’s annual expenditure by 50%.

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