Part-Time Idol (2017)

Part-Time Idol (2017)

Part-Time Idol (2017)

30 min

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Country: South Korea

Actors: Hee-jung KimHyun-Bin KwonKang Seung-YoonMin-kyo KimSeong-jin KangSeung-eon HwangSeung-Yoon KangSong Min-hoSu-Hyun LeeYong-deuk Kwon

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Friendship, Korean Drama, Music

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Movie plot

he storyline takes place at an entertainment agency. After creating a bunch of famous idols, a producer begins to question the whole process of making a star, so he goes on a break for a few years. Once he returns to the company, he gathers some trainees left on the back burner and tries to launch a co-ed idol group. The trainees undergo some peculiar training to debut in this group.

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