Remain Silent (2019) (Bao chi chen mo)

Remain Silent (2019) (Bao chi chen mo)

Hei Se Men Tuo Luo , Black Mandala

1 hr. 30 min.

Country: China

Director: Ke Zhou

Actors: Chia-Jui KouFeng ZuFrancis NgNa LiRui SunSwan WenTianChen WangXun ZhouYuan Li

Genres: China Movie, Crime, Drama, Romance, Suspense

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Movie plot

Singer Wenfang Wan was assassinated in a locked dressing room. Jimmy Thomas was caught red-handed and Lan DuanMu was engaged as his defense lawyer. The relationship and backstory of the characters start to unravel as the trial begins. It is directed by Ke Zhou.

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