Rules of Zoovenia

Rules of Zoovenia

不可思议的晴朗 , Bu Ke Si Yi De Qing Lang

Now showing: Episode 24 SUB END

Country: China

Actors: Estelle ChenLuo ZhengPan You ChengTian Yi TongWang Xu DongZhao Zhao Yi

Genres: China Drama, Comedy, Romance, School, Youth

4.8/ 5 1 votes

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Movie plot

He Xiao Qing has been helping out at the community welfare center since she was a kid. Through a stroke of luck, she gets the opportunity to study at a prestigious school and tries hard to do well in her studies. At the same time, she continues to work part-time after school so as not to let her parents worry. Along the way, she meets Bi Zhan Lang, a man who makes her heart flutter. She also becomes friends with Bi Xi Wen and Dong Fang Yu. Despite her efforts, it’s not easy to thrive in school as classmates can easily develop enmity over differing opinions. Lucky for her, Xiao Qing has learned many tricks from her days at the welfare center. In this coming of age story, Xiao Qing realizes that she can not only help herself but also help others achieve their dreams.

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