Sabar Ini Ujian (2020)

Sabar Ini Ujian (2020)

Sabar Ini Ujian (2020)

126 min

Country: Indonesia

Director: Anggy Umbara

Actors: Ananda OmeshAnanta RispoAnya GeraldineDwi SasonoEstelle LindenLuna MayaMike Ethan…Rigen RakelnaVino G. BastianWidyawati

Genres: Indonesia

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Movie plot

It has been four years when Sabar chose not to attend his wedding day with Astrid due to his childhood trauma. Now, Sabar has to swallow his bitter taste when he gets Astrid's wedding invitation to his high school friend, Dimas . The next day, Sabar comes to the wedding. Although it is difficult, Sabar makes it through the day smoothly. An oddity occurrs. The next day, Sabar wakes up on the same day, which is Astrid's wedding day, his ex. Initially, Sabar can not believe it and thinks that his friends are doing a prank on him. The next day, Sabar again wakes up the same day. He is stressed and confused. He concludes that he is Astrid's true match. All kinds of things he does to get Astrid back.

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