Spider’s Thorn (Hitoya no Toge)

Spider’s Thorn (Hitoya no Toge)

ヒトヤノトゲ 獄の棘 , Thorn of Spider , ヒトヤノトゲ ~獄の棘~

Now showing: Episode 4 SUB

Country: Japan

Actors: Hagiwara MasatoIkeda NarushiIzumiya ShigeruKubota MasatakaOzawa Yukiyoshi

Genres: Crime, Drama, Japan Drama

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Movie plot

Takeshima Ryota has followed in his father’s footsteps and now works as a prison officer at Kitakanto Prison. He has witnessed corrupt prison officers who tolerate bullying and gambling. Nakui Soichi then becomes the newly appointed prison chief. Soichi gives an order to Ryota, informing him that he will get rid of prison corruption.

~~ Adapted from the 2014 novel “Hitoya no Toge” by Daimon Takeaki.

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