The Legacy of Dr. Death: Black File (2020)

The Legacy of Dr. Death: Black File (2020)

The Legacy of Dr. Death: Black File (2020)

121 min

Country: Japan

Director: Yoshihiro Fukagawa

Actors: Akira EmotoGô AyanoHo-ChanmiKeiko KitagawaKen IshiguroKenshi OkadaMasataka MatsubaraMisato AoyamaSora TamakiTomoya Maeno

Genres: Japan Movie, Mystery, Thriller

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Movie plot

A series of suspicious death cases take place. All the victims were terminal patients. Detective Hayato Inukai (Gou Ayano) and Detective Asuka Takachiho (Keiko Kitagawa) investigate the case. Through their investigation, they learn of a person known as “Dr. Death.” He performs euthanasia by request. Meanwhile, Detective Hayato Inukai’s daughter Sayaka requests the help of Dr. Death. Sayaka suffers from a severe kidney disease.

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