The Smell of Warmth (2021)

The Smell of Warmth (2021)

孙光明下乡记 , Sun Guang Ming Xia Xiang Ji , Going Rural , Wen Nuan De Wei Dao

45 min

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Country: China

Director: Li Yun Liang

Actors: Gao LuJin DongLi Nai WenMao Xiao HuiWang Yong QuanWu Yue

Genres: China Drama, Drama

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  • Drama: The Smell of Warmth
  • Country: China
  • Episodes: 30
  • Aired: Mar 13, 2021 - ?
  • Original Network:
  • Duration: 45 min.
  • Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Movie plot

Sun Guang Ming, the secretary of the Youth League Committee of the Bureau of Commerce, went to Dahuaishu Village as the first secretary in order to strengthen the grassroots training. He wanted to keep the results in the village and easily complete the tenure tasks, but because of the “poisonous vegetable incident”, he was faced with the tricky work of removing the village. Xu Hong, a reporter who reported on the “poisonous vegetable incident,” was condemned from the heart to come back to rectify the name of Dahuaishu Village, which undoubtedly added chaos to Sun Guang Ming. Villager Liu Yu Jiu also returned to the village at this time, eager to seize the weakness of Liu Shi Rong, the parent of the Liu family, and tempted him to stand on the side of supporting the removal of the village. The removal of the village seemed to be a foregone conclusion. Unexpectedly, the villagers held a farewell. During the ceremony, the grandmother cried and bid farewell to the grave of the unknown soldier who had been silently guarding for decades. All this moved Sun Guang Ming deeply and determined to keep Dahuaishu Village. He opened up the market with ecological vegetables, featured tourism, and used the Internet to finally promote Dahuaishu Village.

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