Use for My Talent (2021)

Use for My Talent (2021)

Cleaning Elves , My Dear Neat Freak , Re Qing De Sao Sao Ba , Wo Qin Ai De Xiao Jie Pi , 热情的清扫吧

45 min

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Country: China

Director: Cai Cong

Actors: Dai Yun FanJasper LiuShen YueTan QuanXiao RanYanan

Genres: Business, China Drama, Comedy, Drama, Friendship, Romance

4.54/ 5 16 votes

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  • Drama: Use for My Talent
  • Country: China
  • Episodes: 24
  • Airs: May 9, 2021 - ?
  • Airs On: Monday, Sunday
  • Original Network:
  • Duration: 45 min.
  • Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Movie plot

Because of his incomplete family, Gu Ren Qi has a closed up personality and mysophobia. Shuang Jiao used to have a happy family, but later lost her mother in a car accident, and became a slovenly person. The two became acquainted when Shuang Jiao becomes an employee in Gu Ren Qi’s cleaning company. The two became closer as they get to know each other. Under each other’s influence, they began to heal from their wounds.

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