You and I on the G-String (2019)

You and I on the G-String (2019)

G-senjou no Anata to Watashi , You, Me, and Bach

57 MIN

Now showing: Episode 10 End

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Country: Japan

Director: Ryôsuke Fukuda

Actors: HaruHaru KonishiKaren TakizawaMaoMunenori NaganoNobuyuki SuzukiTaishi NakagawaYôko NatsukiYuki SakuraiYusa Yazaki

Genres: Friendship, Japan Drama, Life, Music, Romance

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Movie plot

Yaeko Kogure is a 27-year-old OL. She informs her company that she will resign to get married. Her fiance then informs her that he is in love with another woman and he breaks off their engagement. Yaeko Kogure now doesn't have a job or a boyfriend. While crying, she hears "Air on the G String" playing live in a shopping mall. The song inspires her to enroll in a violin class for adults. There, she meets university student Rihito Kase and housewife Yukie Kitagawa. Yaeko Kogure becomes attracted to Rihito Kase. (Source: Asianwiki)

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